Gullicks Shaves 5 Strokes of Previous Round on Day 3

Gullicks Shaves 5 Strokes of Previous Round on Day 3

Day 3 proved to be another challenging day out on the course for the golfers participating in the NJCAA National Golf Tournament. The round saw weather delays and sporadic rain showers throughout the day which really slowed down the course. Royal's golfer Eric Gullicks was determined to have a better day though and came back strong by shaving 5 strokes off his score from the previous day.

Gullicks had another strong run on the back 9 where he reeled off 4 straight pars. He had a couple shots at birdie throughout the day and commented that he just, "…can't seem to get my putter going." Gullicks continued by saying it was another, "frustrating round," but he is determined to come out strong on the final day, "I'll figure this course out yet."

Head Golf Coach Shane Hersch thought, "Eric really drove the ball well all day, he is just having trouble finishing holes." He continued that, "I think he'll put it all together tomorrow and play his best round. He has all the shots he needs in his bag, just needs to put them together."

Eric finished with an 84 on the day and still tied for 105th. His final round will begin tomorrow morning.

Good luck Eric and Go Royals!